Aside: Michey is Both Other and Lame!

Everyone is the other, and no one is himself. – Martin Heidegger

Recently in Japan, Uniqlo, a clothing chain, started a clothing range, with involvement from Pharrell Williams of ‘Happy’ videos fame.  The range is called ‘i am OTHER’, and it is a serious of hats, shirts and blouses.  Each has a phrase on it, phrases such as:

‘Unlike any other

Think other’

And my personal favourite:

‘The Same is Lame’

I love the idea of this as an academic philosopher; there is a long tradition in philosophy about interrogating the concept of the ‘same’ and ‘the other of the same’.  Google ‘Other of the Same’ and see for yourself.  Also as someone with cerebral palsy, I especially enjoy wearing a hat that read ‘The Same is Lame’.  Let me explain why:

Merriam-Websters defintion of lame:

 adjective \ˈlām\

: having an injured leg or foot that makes walking difficult or painful

: not strong, good, or effective

: not smart or impressive


:  having a body part and especially a limb so disabled as to impair freedom of movement

:  marked by stiffness and soreness <a lame shoulder>


:  lacking needful or desirable substance :  weak, ineffectual <a lame excuse>


slang :  not being in the know : 

So I am both Other and lame.  Deal with that Mr. Williams!



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