Trying to Write ‘Reasonably’ about Disability in Japan

I have been neglectful of my blog and writing in general. Some of this neglect is due to lack of a subject, I think it is well established that I have a penchant for writing about having a disability in general and the issue of  disability in Japan in particular. However, some of this neglect is due to the Japanese summer – 38.5C will make a writer…less than enthusiastic about writing.

On a serious note, I haven’t written on the issue of disability of late because there has been very little information upon which to base any article. I do look at Japanese news, searching for stories about disability in Japan, but if one does a Google search, one finds previous little recent topical links, and I can’t believe that is because there are no stories to tell.

I suppose I have to say that I have no pressing ‘disability  issue’ to talk you  about, except to remind you of  Philip Brasor’s comments in The Japan Times on The Law on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities, which came into effect on April 2016:

As the Yomiuri Shimbun explains, it “bans administrative bodies and private businesses from unduly discriminating against people with disabilities.” The idea is to make a society where those with disabilities can move and communicate with the same freedom a person without disabilities enjoys. But while the law mandates that private and public sectors alike must “make an effort” to remove all barriers that prevent people with disabilities from realizing the law’s aims, it qualifies the mandate with the phrase “reasonable accommodation.” In other words, there may be circumstances that make it difficult for a party to fully accommodate certain disabilities, but the law is too vague to specify those limitations. Facilities and practices should be made “barrier-free,” but if a business claims it can’t afford to make the appropriate changes, is that an “unreasonable” consideration?

I put my philosophers hat on as I leave you, and ask you this: What does ‘unreasonable’ mean?