Five months after killing at facility for the disabled the dedicated memorial flower bed is removed

Source material: “障害者施設殺傷事件から5か月 献花台を撤去”

Five months after killing at facility for the disabled the dedicated memorial flower bed is removed
December 26th at 17:54


In July, 19 people were killed at the facility for the intellectually disabled in Sagamihara City, and 27 people were injured. 5 months after the incident, on the 26th December, the dedication flower board that was set up at the scene of the crime was removed.

At Tsukui Yamayuri Garden in Sagamihara City, in the early morning of July 26, 19 people were killed, including residents being stabbed with a knife, 27 people including staff injured seriously.

The dedication flower table established in front of the main gate of the facility, people who mourn for the victims have come all over the country everyday, but the facility side said five cases from the incident as “it is necessary to move on from the incident. On the 26th, I decided to remove the flower arrangement table.

People listened to a reminder of the removal from the morning in the morning were constantly visiting the facility and around 50 bouquets were handed over on the 26th. 

And after 4 p.m., the staff of the facility including facility staff including Kagoru Kagoru of “Tsukui Yamayuri Garden” removed the flower bed and flower bouquet after the last flower arrangement offering was accepted.

Takeshi Inukura said, “We have provided flowers and gifts to the place where the victims were living, I pray from the bottom of my heart for the death of the 19 people who died.” He was tearfully whilst talking.

At “Tsukui Yamayuri Garden” if there is requests are made in advance even after 27th, it is possible to accept an an offering of a flower arrangement in the facility.

Director General “All officials a heartfelt thank you”

After the dedication flower bed was removed, Kaoru Kagoru, head of the “Tsukui Yamayuri Garden” responded to the press coverage.

Director Tamura told the people who visited the donation flowers “All of the staff from the bottom of my heart I thank you from the bottom of my heart that the flowers and gifts I have kept from you are presenting to the place where the victims were living. I am hoping to encourage business with my warmest feelings from everyone in mind. ”

Regarding the future operation of the facility, “We are preparing for temporary relocation to Yokohama, we are working on preparations now.We will continue to work hard from now on, so that all employees can return to their normal life as soon as possible” he said.

Finally, he said, “I sincerely pray for the repose of the lost 19 people, I pray from the bottom of my heart.

Family meeting “Lifetime forget”

The removal of the dedication flower board President Kazumasa Otsuki of the meeting made by the family of residents of the “Tsukui Yamayuri Garden” said that “Many people thought that they came to the dedication flower bed due to unbearable feelings I will not forget the dedicated flower like the mountain that I received, I will take over to Tsukui Yamayuri Garden which has regenerated my thoughts Thank you very much. ”

Continuous flowers on the final day
At Tsukui Yamayuri Garden in Sagamihara City, people who knew that the flower arrangement platform would be removed on 26th were visited one after the other and turned flowers.
A local office worker said, “I saw that the flower arrangement was removed in the news of this morning.When I think of the deceased people and the bereaved families, there is no word, I can only turn flowers I thought it was, and I came with my colleagues at my work place. ”

A woman in Tokyo and Koto wards who volunteered and had activities to interact with people with disabilities said, “I’ve been on a dedication flower many times according to the day when the incident happened. I think that there should be something in place to communicate “.

“We will not forget the incident and replace the flower stall”

Yuka Tanaka (46) who lives in Musashino City, Tokyo, visited the donation flower bed together with Mr. Kazuya son (17) with severe intellectual disability.
It is the fifth visit to the dedication flower board on the 26th, and Yuka could not accept Kazuya’s disability before, but sometimes it severely touched, but as you see the growth of Kazuya, the obstacle is It is said that it seems to be one of the personality.

The mountain climbing that had come to flee from fighting against obstacles once became a common hobby of the two people, and I crossed the mountain on 26th and walked from the city and came.

Mr. Tanaka said, “Although I remembered myself that I could not accept obstacles due to the incident, I was coming to the dedication flower table to organize that feeling.I want to keep coming here from now on Since things that I do not forget are important, I want another person to come up with a new alternative to the dedication flower stand in order to have those who came to remember the incident. ”

Former employee “I want to collect the living proof of 19 people”
Previously, former employee Akira Ota and Junji Nishi Kami who had worked at the facility also visited the donation flowers. The two gathered together and handed the flowers to the flower arrangement table and then hands up, and Mr. Ota said that he memorialized while telling the late 19 people.
Mr. Ota said, “This accident happened and I feel a responsibility as a former employee, because I thought that Donghae Tower did not forget the incident, it was a symbol for not weathering, so in the future I will replace the dedication flower stand I think that it is necessary to create a place to memorize. ”

Mr. Nishikaga also said, “Do not forget the dead, we put our hands together with the feeling that we will not whether the incident .I think that there is a danger that the incident will weather due to the loss of the flower arrangement table, I would like to collect the living testimony of the 19 people who died. ”

Assisting organizations request the installation of “memorial monuments”

Approximately 20 members of organizations made up by disabled people and supporters who visited Tsukui Yamayuri-en in Sagamihara City on 26th, visiting the facility side handed out a request form.

Among them, we request that a memorial monument be set up in place of the dedicated flower bed so that the memory that the 19 precious lives were deprived by the incident will not be lost among people.

 Akihiko Yoshida of Kobe City who has a mental disorder in his own way and who is a caller of the activity said, “The facility side says” Because we are going to move forward with breaks “about the reasons for removal of the dedication flower bed, we should never let the case weather I would like you to have a long and long memorial occasion. “


Police Seek Charges of 24 Counts of Attempted Murder for Former Employee of Care Facility for the Disabled in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture

Original source NHK Web (In Japanese,  the article title has been altered for the translated version): ‘障害者殺傷事件 24人殺人未遂容疑で元職員を追送検’:

December 19th 2016

46 people were attacked at the facility for the intellectual disabled in Sagamihara City in July, police said a former employee was initially arrested for killing 19 inhabitants, the suspect stabbed his victims with a knife in attempt to kill them, and on 19th the police passed information to prosecutors for 24 counts of attempted murder.

In this incident, which occurred in the early morning of July 26, the residents were stabbed with knives one after another at the “Mt. Tsukui Yamayurien” facility for the intellectually disabled in the Midori ward of Sagamihara City. 19 people died and 27 people were injured. A former employee of the facility, Satoshi Uematsu (26) was initially arrested for killing 19 residents, and Uematsu is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation. Uematsu allegedly infiltrated the facility with five blades, tied up officials, and is believed to have stabbed the residents one after another.

According to the investigation, Uematsu suspects that “disabled people can only be unhappy, so they should die.”
The police have not publicly announced the names of the victims who died since the families does not wish it, however of the 24 injured people, two names have been released with the consent of the family: Kazuya Ono (43) who was seriously injured and. Koji Morohashi (43), who received a slight injury.

“My son has a name”

The 76 year old mother of Koji Morohashi, who was injured in the incident, said about releasing his name, “My son did not do bad things and has a proper name. For myself, I wish talk about my family and I decided to make his name public. ”
She continued; “My son seems to be troubled by the incident, such as by making a loud voice” and “in the middle of the night he would get angry about the incident, but now the wound has healed, he was able to return to the facility, Uematsu is absolutely unforgivable. ” Mr. Tsuyoshi Ozano, 73, the father of Mr. Kazuya Ono, who was seriously injured in the incident, said, “There are people who desire the publication of names of the victims and people who do not,” Some families have disabled family members, I think that there are also people who do not make it public. I think that my son’s personality disorder is nothing to be ashamed of and I speak to you to call the for world’s understanding to change.

“It is necessary to think about balance for each case”

Kanagawa Prefectural Police has not announced the name of 19 resident people who were killed in this case. It explains that it is the strong wishes of families that their names not be announced. On the other hand, with regard to the 24 injured people, the police confirmed their intention to prosecute for their being attacked to their families, and the real names of Mr. Ono and Mr. Morohashi have been announced along with the names, gender and ages of the other 22 injured victims, with the permission of their families.
The police explained when making this information public, that the some of the names of the victims are their real names and others are anonymous because some of the families of the victims requested that their privacy be respected.