“Return!” Misery for Woman in Tears as her Wheelchair is Stolen / Japan Disabled People Times 日本の障害者向け新聞

“Return!” Misery for Woman in Tears as her Wheelchair is Stolen

Fuji Television System (FNN)

A 62 – year – old woman in Kanagawa – Yokohama City had her wheelchair stolen that she says is “part of her body” The wheelchair user is Katsuko.

Katsuko has been using a wheelchair for 20 years. Katsuko posted on her own SNS on 24th is spread through the internet and attracting attention. Katsuko wrote in the Facebook on February 24 that “Wheelchair is what I enrich my life, my body is!

The wheelchair Katsuko cherished was stolen. Katsuko parked the wheelchair as usual. Afterwards, the figure of a man was witnessed leaving with the wheelchair. The wheelchair was stolen within the premises of a hospital in Kohoku Ward, Yokohama. It was before noon on the 24th.

Katsuko said, “How did declare put it on a form?” This is how it was, I brought only valuable. ” Katsuko has relied on a wheelchair for most of her life due to childhood paralysis. This time, she walked into the hospital, returning after seeing the doctor and found the wheelchair was gone.

Katsuko said, “Men brought wheelchairs,” A woman who goes to the same hospital as Katsuko was a witness. According to the woman, the man is in his fifties, sat on the wheelchair after pulling a stick and approaching a wheelchair, she said:

“It’s a beautiful wheelchair”,

The man answered “Well” and left the place.

Katsuko’s wheelchair was custom made four years ago over and cost 550,000 yen

After being stolen, she uses an alternative wheelchair, but she says it is inconvenient for her body. Katsuko said, “It is a stolen wheelchair … It really matches my body and it’s my body with my legs and I think that it’s fashion, just make it a brilliant color, a noticeable color So I chose a very affection, is not it that it is not there, honesty. ” Katsuko submitted a damage report to the police.

The police are investigating as a case of theft.

Katsuko says, “I do not want to ask questions about sin, I just want you to just return it. It is fine even if you leave it here. Even if you put it in a prominent place of the station, Please tell me.”



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