Sagamihara Massacre: 6 Months On

Original text: 殺傷事件から半年 元職員は障害者冒とくの供述続ける (NHK)


January 26th 2017

It is six months since the incident that 46 people were injured or killed at a residential care facility for the intellectual disabled in Sagamihara city. 

A 27-year-old former employee was arrested on suspicion of homicide, he had made statements against disabled people, the suspect is currently undergoing psychological evaluation. Prosecutors are expected to decide next month whether or not he can face trial on the basis of that assessment.

In this incident, the residents were stabbed one after another with a knife at the entrance facility “Miyuki Tsukui” in the Midori ward of Sagamihara-city in the early hours of July 26th, 19 people died, 27 people were seriously injured. Former employee of the facility, Satoshi Uematsu (27), has been arrested for killing 19 people. In addition, charges of attempted murder of the 24 people he injured is being explored, and the suspect is currently undergoing psychological evaluation.

According to previous investigation, Uematsu was suspected that dangerous behavior against disabled people from January to February of last year, since five months before the incident, he wrote letters to Chairman of the House of Representatives, justifying the killing of disabled people

Uematsu has allegedly insisted that claims he killed made by the investigation are false, according to the investigative officials, saying “I do not know” etc. An expert appraisal on his mental health is scheduled for next month 20th, and after which prosecution is expected to decide whether to indict him.

Family society president remarks

Kazumasa Otsuki, president of the family association ‘Midori-kai’ of ‘Tsukui Yamayuri Garden’, answers the interview for the first time based on the thoughts of the bereaved family who are still unable to organize their minds even after half a year since the incident It was. Mr. Otsuki said, “I attended the funeral of the deceased people and talked with the bereaved families, but when I think of why this happened and I was feeling unhappy about the people who lost their lives, it was really regrettable I could not do it. ”

In addition, I introduced an episode at a farewell party opened only by the people concerned and said, “From one bereaved family, I heard that my intention to protect my older sister in my family actually was supported by my sister, and like a treasure In the meantime, there was a story saying that I had raised a story saying that when I remember the incident, some people said that I do not want to hear the word “Yamayuri Garden”, but I feel unbelievable if I think about the feelings of the bereaved families who have lost an important family “I said. About six months since the incident the 19 people still have been anonymous, “I think that  there are various reasons, but all the bereaved families lost their irreplaceable family, and still cannot deal with it emotionally, I think that their desire to live quietly is also strong. Since my son also suffered damage, I can understand the feelings of the bereaved family, the time to tell may come I will answer, “Is not it a bit more time required for it?” I also heard about injuries and others who are currently being divided among several facilities and that they are living, “I heard stories that people who were burned hated being brought into contact with their bodies after the incident, and injuries I think that people who did not do it also made me scared. I want everyone to send me away from this uneasy life in an unfamiliar environment and return me to the calm original life as soon as possible.


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