Sagamihara massacre: 46 attempted killings, prosecutors make request for extension of detention 

Original source: 相模原46人殺傷事件、鑑定留置の延長請求へ

TBS news 16th January 2017

In the case of 46 people who  were killed or injured at the disabled facility “Tsukui Yamayuri Garden” in Sagamihara City, the Yokohama District Public Prosecutors’ Office decided to request an extension of “appraisal detention” to examine the mental state of a man of the former employee arrested. 

Satoshi Uematsu (26), a former employee who was arrested for suspicion of homicide and the like, was detained for appraisal from September last year.

Although the appointment detention was scheduled until 23th this month, it was confirmed that the Yokohama District Prosecutors’ Office decided to make a request for extension so the doctor can continue assess his mental health.  The Yokohama District Prosecution is expected to request an extension until the 20th of next month, and if the court approves it will be decided whether to prosecute after February. 


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