One Cane, One Umbrella, One Hand 

I don’t mind Mondays, but its rainy days that always get me down. It is now rainy season in Osaka and for the next thirty-six hours or so it will rain solidly, the kind of rain that that Bob Dylan used to sing about.

The rain itself really has a kind of beauty of about, it beats the ground with some force, and when it does the sound it creates, is a wall of sound of which Phil Spector would be proud. It really is amazing, if only for its duration. Rainstorms, in the country I hail from of at least, rarely last more than two minutes. Here in the Land of the Rising Sun, they last many hours, almost a day.

Of course you carry an umbrella. Really good and sturdy umbrellas are sold at every convenience store. And they are quite wide umbrellas; quite enough to cover your entire body, not a drop will touch you, unless of course you are carrying a walking stick in the other hand.

Welcome to the problem of one, stick, one umbrella, one hand. Not as sexy as two girls, one cup, I grant you, but important nonetheless. I cannot do much with my left hand, I can grab, but I do not have enough co-ordination to move. It is basically a robotic arm,that just happens to be on a human.

My balance goes completely. I attempt to dance the delicate ballet that is the dance of stick and umbrella. It is a rather violent dance which the stick usually wins. I simply cannot walk carrying both. I give up on the umbrella. After all it’s only water, what does it matter if I turn up to work on the brink of pneumonia?

And the rain is rather beautiful.





One thought on “One Cane, One Umbrella, One Hand 

  1. I understand your situation. There might be an alternative.

    I have several very pretty umbrellas, but I find them cumbersome to use even with 2 arms, because I am usually carrying a handbag and a computer bag or other items.

    For times when it is raining I have opted for a wide brimmed, folding, rain hat (made in Japan, but purchased in America) and a light weight rain coat, with a hood. Both the hat and raincoat fold up nicely, even wet, and can go into my handbag or computer bag with little fuss and a plastic bag.

    I spent 2 days walking in New York and sight seeing, while using that hat and rain coat and it rained the entire time on both days, but underneath I stayed dry.


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