On the Importance of FaceTime

Tuesday 13th May 2014

Yamada, Suita

 FaceTime’d my parents – yeah we use that word,  now we do not talk, we FaceTime.  – The Author of this blog.

 I’ve always loved social media; in fact I think I liked it before social media was even a word people used.  Way back in the dark ages – 1993 to be exact,  I once  set up a PC for a colleague of  my  father, long before Google+,  Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr  and all the many other sites that will come after it.

 You may detect from my tone that I do not really love social media.  Well you would be wrong.  And I shall explain why.  In 1998, I was an undergraduate at Hull University, literally about two months in to my course, a BA in Philosophy.  There was a room in my residence hall, where people could use computers.  I logged and found ‘Yahoo’ – the only real search engine available that I knew of, there were others but I did not know of them yet, some were not yet invented

 But my searches led me to a ‘list-serv’ based at Leeds University, The Disability Research Unit.  This was a message list whereby one emailed a main server and the email was distributed to all members.  So I emailed something.  Mairian Corker and Minae Inahara replied.

Well, I responded to both, and Minae, well she used to email me every twenty-four  hours, she was a post-graduate student, Japanese by birth, studying Sociology in Australia.  I always looked forward to her emails.  Minae like me had cerebral palsy.

Time passed, and she eventually ended up studying together at Hull University, Minae and I, on June 2nd 2007 we married.

 We now live in Japan together.

 As I understand Mairian Corker nee Mairian Scott Hill (mainly published as Mairian Corker) Died 22nd January 2004. Aged 51 Years.

 We corresponded often, and she always encouraged me, but I wished we’d talked more.

 So yes, FaceTime, and social media as whole is important, at least to me, and I always treat with respect.


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