In praise of Japan Lite & Amy Chavez

Before I moved to Japan almost eighteen months ago, being a good academic, I got on the Interweb and began reading.  I quickly came across Amy Chavez and her ‘Japan Lite’ column in the Japan Times.  If you’ve never come across it, I urge to check this out  and then order ‘Japan, Funny Side Up’.  My review of her book on the Shikoku pilgrimage will be made as soon as my copy arrives and is read.

After the March 11th disaster, much writing about Japan is the print media, is understandably serious at times.  Amy Chavez’s work, reminds us that there is much literary mileage to be found in a light hearted look, and that such gaze can often produce funny and enlightening results.  When I wrote my blog article ‘Concerning the Smartphone in Japan’, I intended it very much as a homage to Amy’s work, so please do check her work out.

 Amy Chavez on Twitter: @JapanLite


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