A Literary Flight Plan

So, on Sunday 9th of February I shall fly from Kansai International Airport to Manchester, England.  I shall have quite a good lay over in Dubai, and might be able to use my Kindle on the flight.  So I have drawn up a list of necessary Japan reading for a long flight.

To begin with, ‘Kamiya Bar and Other Stories’ by Dan Ryan.  A long time friend of Japan, Dan is well known as a photographer as demonstrated here, but in this book he also demonstrates how good and versatile a storyteller he is, please read.

Secondly, ‘Dancing Over Kyoto’ by Richard Russell.  This author has a way of imbuing a sense of nostalgia, of a life reviewed wiith wonder, regret and amazement in equal measure.  I hope for more stories from Richard. I recommend this book to any Japan resident.

Thirdly, ‘ Loco in Yokohama’ by Baye McNeil.  This is Baye’s second book.  Baye is simply a great writer, his ‘Loco in Yokohama’ gives us a well described glimpse, into the everyday, or not so everyday life of high school English teacher.  It is a constant amazement  to me why Baye does not have his own column in newspaper somewhere.

Fourthly, ‘Japan, Funny Side Up’ by Amy Chavez.  Her book has both a sense of humour and a knowing, both of which I wished I possessed.

See you in Britain, Dear Reader and Japan based literary travelling companions!


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