Jishin nōto

In the light of the recent earthquakes here in Japan, and more unusually some sizeable shakes here in Kansai.  I looked over my diaries for the last few months and thought I’d share them.  Curiously, its almost a month exactly since the last sizeable earthquake in the Kansai region, which was a Shindo 2 in Kyoto.

Friday 25th October 2013

Yamada, Suita

Early morning on Saturday and there was an earthquake of the coast of Japan.  6.8M – Shindo 4 – later upgraded to 7.1M.  Tsunami warning was issued for Fukushima.  Living in Japan you get used to such things, and whilst it’s never good to get too relaxed, you sometimes feel that if this is truly the end of the world, surely it should be a little more dramatic – does the world always end with a whimper?

Sunday 17th November 2013

Yamada, Suita

 Quite a few earthquakes this weekend.   On Saturday there was about 4 in Tokyo – two of them quite sizeable 4 and a bit magnitude – Shindo 2 which was felt as Shindo 4 – 5M in Chiba.  Today there was a 3.1M – Shindo 2 in Kyoto, quite close to where I live.  I felt my chair sort of move and thought, odd.  Checked the Japan Metrological Agency site and sure enough 3.1M in Kyoto.  They happen so rarely here in Kansai it’s easy to forget.  Not feeling in the best of health though, I think I’ve had some sort of stomach bug, I’m having constant constant diarrhoea.  Still some good news, was asked by the journalist Jake Adelstein, whose book ‘Tokyo Vice’ is being made into a film with Daniel Radcliffe if I wanted to write something up on recent disability abuse cases in Japan for his website ‘Japanese Subculture Research Center’.  Which is cool.

Saturday 14th December 2013

Yamada, Suita 

Today in Chiba there was a 5.5M earthquake which the news agency all talked about a fore-shake, meaning more to come.  We rarely get quakes here in Osaka but about thirteen minutes past midnight – Sunday essentially we get a 3.7M – Shindo 3.  A short but violent shake of our windows.  You wouldn’t mistake for anything else. Maybe it’s good that I never get used to it.  You would want to be too relaxed about them.  Made a YouTube video to tell parents, family and friends back in the UK – the news often reports them so quickly but also often gets information wrong and I don’t want them to worry.



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