An Open Letter to Mr. Edward Miliband, MP & HM Leader of the Opposition

Dear Mr. Miliband,

I am a Labour Supporter.  I have always voted Labour, and have been a paying member since the election of 2010, when the Coalition took power.  I remain a member of the Labour party from Japan where I now live.  I also have a disability –  mild left sided hemiplegia, and off shoot of cerebral palsy.

I wanted to applaud the fact that you came out against the Bedroom Tax.  That was a good thing.  However, it the next election in the UK is unlikely to be until 2015.

Of the five times I was attacked in Britain, in the last five years at least three were in the years 2007-2009, under a Labour Government.  Two others were in 2012.  One week before the last, after which I was badly bruised was a week before I left UK for Japan. I arrived battered and bruised, but thankfully below the neck so only my wife would see.

Thankfully, I am reasonably happy in Japan, although worry if I ever had to come back to the UK.  The Coalition has destroyed any hope of my really living usefully in Britain.

As I said to begin with, I applaud your stance on the Bedroom Tax, but it is not enough.  You are, quite frankly, unlikely to be leader of the opposition at the time of the next election.  Maybe though, you could, in the meantime, aim to highlight cases of violence against disabled people. You are well placed to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Gillan Peckitt


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