Is England past its sell-by date?

So I just heard that ex-footballer and sometime actor Vinnie Jones left the UK because ‘England is past its sell-by date. There is nothing to go back to. It’s not the country I grew up in…If someone blindfolded you and put you on a plane and you landed at Heathrow and they took it off, you wouldn’t have a clue where you were.” 

Well ladies and gentleman, I’m here to tell you that Mr. Jones is correct – it is not the country I grew up in either.  I didn’t grow up in a country where there were 1,492 hate crimes against disabled people – up 14% from the last recorded average.  But don’t take my word for it, take, The Independent’s.

I wish I could say that I left the UK for Japan because of this reason, but I can’t.  I left because I love my wife and my wife lives in Japan.  This has been no real hardship for me, I am in the land of Sake and Sushi and Girls Bars.  However, I was attacked twice before leaving the UK  – once in broad daylight by two people at Hull Train Station, once in Rotherham.  I like Mr. Jones’ don’t really want to go back to the UK, but am sad that I feel that way.  It is only fear of being attacked again, or worse, of being useless, I could get no employment in the UK,  that prevents me.  And I do miss friends and family.

I doubt Mr. Jones, has ever been attacked for merely existing – I have.  And I doubt that the immigrations concerns, truly concern him that much.  He says he is no poster boy for UKIP – but why else make such a statement?  I truly want to go back someday to the UK – but statements like is convince me that I am right to stay here.


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