Why No Writing & Bedding Out

Dear Reader,

Maybe some of you are wondering why no new posts?  Don’t worry, I have plenty more to say. However, I was asked to write a piece for Disability Now, so that is what I have been doing, which is nice.  I shall of course put the link up when the magazine goes on line.

A little request for you all though.  A performance artist and disability activist by the name of Liz Crow, shall be ‘bedding out’, lying in a bed at Salisbury Arts Centre and on social media from April 10th to the 12th 2013.  So do check her out. http://www.roaring-girl.co.uk/


She’s on Twitter: 


Although @Quinonostante Dawn Willis, shall be tweeting on her behalf and check out this blog by Dawn   http://dawnwillis.wordpress.com/

Also, two other blogs you should check out:

http://www.locoinyokohama.com/ @Locohoma


http://itsjustahobby.wordpress.com/ @itsjustahobby others!



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